HoSan | Sanitation for Hospitals and Hotels

Wastewater treatment of Hotels & Hospitals

Hotels and hospitals as highly frequented institutions may play very different roles in society, but they have to deal with similar specific requirements concerning the adequate treatment of wastewater such as:

  • a high fluctuation of people and therefore a mostly high but unsteady load of wastewater
  • aesthetic and space-saving requirements
  • compliance to environmental standards
  • complaints of the neighbourhood

In addition, hospitals face the problem of how to deal with contaminated or toxic wastewater that that is produced during normal everyday working procedures.
Generally, there are two main problems with common wastewater treatment technology:

  1. high capital costs of investment and operation
  2. natural resource-intensity (uses water to flush, to convey, to dispose before and after treatment)

Due to high installation and implementation costs, many hotels and hospitals, above all those, which are situated in peripheric areas, are not connected to the centralized city sewerage system, if available. Instead of being treated adequately, the wastewater is often discharged directly into a nearby river or open drain. As a result, neither the general nor the specific requirements on wastewater treatment are complied.

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