HIA & HE | Health Impact Assesment & Hygiene Education

DEWATS from beginning to end

Lowering infection rates and impro-ving sanitation does not only result from effective technologies; there must be a comprehensive and flexi-ble solution to every grievance in every region. Health Impact Assess-ment is the evaluation of potential health impacts resulting from a cer-tain policy, programme or project. It informs policy- or decision-makers about their planning and helps to maximize the positive health impacts of the implementation. Proper loca-tions are recognized and the impacts are meticulously detailed for stake-holders and community members. After facilities are built the work must not stop. It is necessary to con-tinue with hygiene education condu-cted through a local team prepared to pass valuable education on to the community about safe hygiene be-haviours associated with the new in-frastructure. The final result is a complete and adaptable solution to every sanitation grievance.

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