28.09.2016 10:46 Category: News from BORDA Afghanistan
by BORDA Afghanistan

Green School Project Implemented in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

On 3 September 2016, BORDA and delegates from the Afghan Government (NEPA, MRRD, MEW), the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and local partner organisations (HELP e.V., COAM) together with community elders inaugurated a school-based sanitation and water management project at the Khushkak School in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

The school is located in a rural setting in central Afghanistan and provides education for 380 students (girls and boys) coming from 9 villages. Prior to the implementation of the project, the school’s sanitation facilities were unhygienic. The school also faced other water-related problems, such as an unreliable water supply, inadequate drinking water and hand washing facilities, and a dry and dusty school yard.

With the financial support of UNEP and in close cooperation with NEPA, BORDA and its partners, the school implemented a water supply system using solar water pumping, constructed adequate hand washing and drinking water facilities, improved the school toilets, and trained the students in proper hand-washing skills. In addition, a green community team consisting of school teachers and students was formed to implement a solid-waste management scheme and to organize the greening of the school yard by planting trees, grass and flowers.