13.03.2017 10:25 Category: News from BORDA Iraq
by Mohammad Noor, BORDA KRI

Capacity Development Ensures Sustainability

In Erbil BORDA-KRI recently conducted capacity-building DEWATS, SSWM, and biogas construction training for 50 engineers, managers and craftsmen working in the sanitation and waste management sector. Delivered in close collaboration with CDD Society, Cewas Middle East and a biogas expert, the training sessions emphasized holistic approaches that consider entire water and nutrient cycles with human influence placed at the center.

Erbil — On 4-8 and 11-15 December 2016, BORDA-KRI(Kurdistan Region of Iraq) in close collaboration with the Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination Society (CDD), Cewas Middle East and a biogas expert conducted three trainings aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of engineers, craftsmen and project managers from the sanitation and waste management sector. Having completed the training, participants will be able to independently plan, design, implement, operate and manage DEWATS projects in their respective locations.

  • Courses consisted of theoretical and practical sessions as well as site visits, with a focus on three areas: DEWATS engineer training, biogas construction (on-the-job training), and Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM). Participants carried out their coursework within the framework of key messages: the need for holistic approaches, the consideration of the entire water cycle, and the importance of putting human influence on the water and nutrient cycle at its center.

The training sessions drew a total of 50 participants including engineers, managers and craftsmen from diverse sanitation and water-related organizations such as public authorities (Erbil Sewerage Directorate, Erbil Joint Crisis Coordination Center, Directorate of surrounding water), national and international NGOs, and organizations from the private sector (Human Relief Foundation, THW, Eslah Association For Social Development, Cihan Group).