08.12.2011 13:46 Category: News from BORDA Germany
by BORDA Germany

BORDA received the Development Solutions Award by IWA

BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association) was honored with a Development Solutions Award from the International Water Association (IWA) at the 2nd IWA Development Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was held from November 21-24, 2011. The Development Congress was organized to help address the lack of access to adequate water and sanitation services in urban areas in low and middle income countries. More than 700 international water and sanitation experts participated in this development congress.

The IWA Development Solutions Award that BORDA received was conferred in recognition of its outstanding “innovations and contributions to technology and community facilitation that transform service delivery in low income urban settlements.” The Award was presented to BORDA’s Director, Mr. Andreas Ulrich, by the President of IWA, Dr. Glen Daigger. While addressing the congress during the award ceremony, Mr. Ulrich stated that he accepts the award on behalf of BORDA's Board, staff, BNS-Partner-Network and in the name of all individuals and organizations engaged in DEWATS development and dissemination.

Mr. Ulrich explained that the water and sanitation situation in low and middle income countries is in a state of crisis, therefore, academics and practitioners need to move fast with pragmatic approaches and technologies. The current fragmentation of the wastewater treatment sector and the focus on technological efficiency and perfectionism has become a threat to immediate, sufficient efficient interventions that are needed to improve the sanitation situation in densely populated peri-urban/urban settlements now. He further explained that BORDA has developed and tested modular combinations of appropriate, efficient and low-maintenance treatment technologies in order to provide affordable and low-maintenance wastewater treatment to clients that needed, but could not afford or operate more sophisticated wastewater treatment. BORDA has demonstrated the impact and efficiency of this approach in over 1,000 projects implemented in 14 low and middle income countries in Asia and Africa.

The BORDA Director acknowledged the special support of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany (BMZ), the Senator for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany, the Government of India, the Government of Indonesia and the Governments of other partner countries for their continuous policy support of BORDA's interventions. He also acknowledged and appreciated the hard work and dedication of BORDA's Board, staff, BNS-Partner-Network and all organizations engaged in DEWATS development and dissemination around the world.


The attached special issue of the DEWATS Newsletter was produced to highlight this award and to explain BORDAs approach and dissemination strategy of our BNS Network that has led to this collective success.