BORDA advises and facilitates projects in the sectors of decentralised sanitation, wastewater treatment, water and energy supply, and solid waste disposal in Asia and Africa. Active for over 30 years, BORDA is part of a network of international research and development organisations.


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Basic Needs Services (BNS) are directly linked to the UN's Millenium Development Goals and are in keeping with the objectives of climate protection of the Kyoto Protocol. They are actions geared towards improving living conditions for disadvantaged target groups.


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BORDA strives to create sanitation solutions: DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions) Service Packages include not simply the construction of this proven solution but a whole set of integrated measures, combined according to demand.


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Facilitating the implementation of Basic Needs Services (BNS) development projects in Asia and Africa, BORDA maintains over twenty partnerships with organisations worldwide; partners are accountable for planning and implementation of social structure development projects.


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اخبار ازبوردا افغانستان


Capacity Development ensures the sustainability

by Mohammad Noor, BORDA KRI, 13.03.2017

From the 4th to the 8th and from the 11th to the 15th of December 2016, BORDA-KRI in close collaboration with the Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination Society (CDD), Cewas Middle East and a biogas expert conducted three trainings....[more]

تکمیل برنامهٴ آموزشی سیستم های غیر متمرکز تصفیه فاضلاب برای انجینران دولتی

by دفتر بوردا افعانستان, 07.11.2016

دفتر بوردا با همکاری پروگرام بهبود آبرسانی (GIZ-WSIP) و وزارت شهرسازی و مسکن پروگرام آموزش سیستم های غیر متمرکز تصفیه فاضلاب ((DEWATS را برای انجینران ادارات دولتی برای مدت 6 روز از تاریخ 22 الی 29 اکتبر سال 2016 در مقر وزارت...[more]

افتتاح پروژه حفظ الصحه در مکتب خشکک – بامیان

by BORDA Afghanistan, 28.09.2016

پروژه حفظ الصحه در مکتب خشکک به روز شنبه سوم ماه سپتمبر 2016 با حضور نمایندگان دفاتر بوردا، اداره ملی حفاظت محیط زیست، وزارت احیاء و انکشاف دهات، وزارت انرژی و آب، برنامه محیط زیست سازمان ملل متحد، هلپ، کوام و بزرگان محل افتتاح...[more]

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BORDA received the Development Solutions Award by IWA for outstanding “innovations and contributions to technology and community facilitation that transform service delivery in low income urban settlements.” read more