BORDA advises and facilitates projects in the sectors of decentralised sanitation, wastewater treatment, water and energy supply, and solid waste disposal in Asia and Africa. Active for over 30 years, BORDA is part of a network of international research and development organisations.

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Basic Needs Services (BNS) are directly linked to the UN's Millenium Development Goals and are in keeping with the objectives of climate protection of the Kyoto Protocol. They are actions geared towards improving living conditions for disadvantaged target groups.

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BORDA strives to create sanitation solutions: DEWATS (Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions) Service Packages include not simply the construction of this proven solution but a whole set of integrated measures, combined according to demand.

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Facilitating the implementation of Basic Needs Services (BNS) development projects in Asia and Africa, BORDA maintains more than 25 partnerships with organisations worldwide; partners are accountable for planning and implementation of social structure development projects.


News from BORDA West and Central Asia

Solution for grey water in IDP camp in Rawanduz

by Joerg Haucke, BORDA Iraq, 08.02.2016

IDP camp of Rawanduz is situated about 100km north of Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region. The camp has been erected in 1st Quarter of 2015. Capacity of the camp was designed to host about 18 families (about 130 people)....[more]

Basic Need Services for IDP camp in Soran

by Joerg Haucke, BORDA Iraq, 26.01.2016

Upon request from the mayor of Soran and head of Assyrian Church in the city BORDA provided Basic Need Services for IDP-camp. 23 cabins provided by the government could not be used for the IDPs because of missing supply and...[more]

The Inception workshop of the project entitled “Building Rural Resilience through Sustainable Biogas Technology” held in Nangarhar Province

by BORDA Afghanistan, 19.01.2016

On 5th January 2016, Agency for Consultancy for Training (ACT) with the technical support of BORDA Afghanistan and financial support of GEF Small Grant Program started their first joint project on the promotion of biogas...[more]

News from the field – Flagship biogas creates heat in Herat Province

by BORDA Afghanistan, 19.01.2016

The biogas team are just back from a visit to the most Western province of Afghanistan where the biggest productive biogas is creating a lot of attention, even from the Governor of Herat.[more]




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BORDA received the Development Solutions Award by IWA for outstanding “innovations and contributions to technology and community facilitation that transform service delivery in low income urban settlements.” read more