BORDA and the BNS Network

Partner and Regions of the BORDA BNS Network

Today the BORDA BNS Network includes 14 Asian and African expert organisations from 13 countries with more than 250 qualified specialists who are involved in BORDA’s development projects. BORDA’s regional programme offices in Tanzania, India and Indonesia are responsible for the coordination of regional project activities, public relations and quality assurance. Increased capacity for implementation is achieved through active networking on a national level with public and private cooperative development institutions as well as international donor organisations. The BORDA office in Bremen is responsible for the proper supervision and administration of all joint activities.

Mission and Aim

At a meeting in Bali in 2005, BORDA-Germany, the regional offices, and all long-standing BORDA partners from Asia and Africa decided to together form a network. This BORDA BNS (Basic Needs Services) Network has since then bound together different partners with the common mission to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged communities and to keep the environment intact through the expansion of Basic Needs Services, particularly focusing on DEWATS, Sanitation, and Solid Waste Management. The goal of the BNS network is to effectively plan and carry out international activities together, to increase international visibility, and to develop comparable standards for project implementations. The role of BORDA-Germany and its regional offices is to coordinate these international network activities, as well as to introduce of new initiatives for future development.

International Activities

  • Developing quality standards for implementation measures
  • Joint research and development projects
  • PR activities such as a network of websites with reports on current work and the dissemination of the quarterly DEWATS Newsletter to international wastewater and sanitation experts.
  • Joint appearances at international fairs and conferences (Annual International BORDA BNS Workshops (Stockholm Water Week 2009, IWA/BORDA –DEWATS Conferences in Surabaya 2010 and Manila 2011, IFAT 2010 in Munich, IWA 2nd Development Congress in Kuala Lumpur 2011)
  • Information exchange and planning, within the framework of online working groups, forums, and annual partner meetings.
  • Training programmes

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